Recycled aggregate is an effective way to reduce material wastage and reduce the costs of a construction project with the added benefit of assisting with companies to become more environmental conscious.

What is Recycled Concrete?

Recycled concrete is a material that has been created by crushing and breaking down existing concrete for re-use as recycled aggregate.   This process creates a strong and durable product that can be used across a variety of construction projects from roads to foundations and driveways.   The product is often used as a subbase and can be mixed with new materials and used in new concrete.

Recycled Concrete
Recycled Concrete

What are the Key Benefits?

Environmentally Friendly:  With landfill sites predominantly being fill with construction waste, increased pressure is on construction businesses to look to improve their environmental efforts by reducing waste.

Cost Effective:  Using recycled aggregates can be a very effective cost saving exercise, reducing expenditure on tipping and unnecessary transport.  Frater offer a service whereby they will collect your clean concrete and delivery recycled aggregates at the same time.

How to Recycle Your Concrete?

Frater will carry out the crushing of your concrete onsite at the Urban Quarry.   Clean concrete can be tipped directly at the quarry, alternatively we offer a collection service (fee applies).